Expect the unexpected.

As an engagement photographer, I am always prepared for surprises during a photo session. However, there are moments when the unexpected turns out to be even more magical than what was originally planned.

Originally this photoshoot was planned to be on the top of Loveland Pass but when we arrived there was still a LOT of snow. With an open-minded and adventurous couple by my side, we decided to embrace the unexpected and venture into uncharted territory. Just a short drive away, we stumbled upon two hidden gems—one on the side of the road and one tucked away at the opening of the forest. The scenic mountain views and vibrant trees created an ethereal atmosphere that transported us to a fairytale realm.

What could have been a disappointing and challenging day turned into an extraordinary adventure. It was a gentle reminder that even when plans go awry, there is always an opportunity to discover something unexpected and beautiful. As an engagement photographer, I was inspired by the couple's resilience and willingness to embrace the unknown. Together, we transformed a potentially daunting situation into a dreamlike experience, resulting in photographs that captured their love amidst the ever impressive Mother Nature-also having two cute pups in tow helped with moral! Lol.

adventure engagement photography session by a Denver engagement photographer
bulldog looking at camera taken by a Colorado engagement photographer