So you’re thinking of eloping in the Colorado winter? That’s great!

#1 4WD

Make sure whatever spots you are planning on going to are accessible by sedans/2WD cars unless you plan on having or renting a 4WD vehicle. Colorado can be a bit of a wild card with its weather so being prepared for every situation will help keep ease of mind later on.

#2 Location

That being said, if you’re eloping in the mountains, certain areas will be snowed off and we will be unable to get to them… this does open up the option of renting snow mobiles! They’re fun and make for some awesome action pics!

#3 Stay warm!

I will always do this as well but make sure that you are checking the weather leading up to your special date and ensure you bring the right gear. Hand warmers are a MUST and can be picked up at any local King Soopers grocery center. Also have a warm jacket, mittens and preferably boots. Yes, even those in dresses! You can bring a change of shoes but you’ll be much more comfortable and warm in boots in between shots. 

#4 Conditions

Colorado is finicky. Hot and cold. It can be a blizzard in the morning and sunny and dry in the afternoon. Be prepared for the worst but hope for the best. In the case that it blizzards or any bad weathers keeps us from shooting I am always more than happy to reschedule if it’s a possibility for our schedules. The weather is out our control and thus we have to be flexible. 

#5 Crowds

Winter is a great time to elope because most people are inside. If it’s snowing the day of your elopement there’s a good chance we’ll have the location all to ourselves especially if you choose earlier in the day. 

#6 Outfits

This coincides with the “stay warm” but if you plan on wearing a dress take in account that from November till the end of April, it can be below freezing and very cold. Sleeved dresses are encouraged for your sake however they are definitely NOT required. It’s your day and whatever you want to wear you can. I just wanted you to be as comfortable and warm on your special day as possible!

#7 Last but not least

This is YOUR wedding day. It might be snowing, there might have been traffic, someone might have forgotten their tie but at the end of the day, they are just small details in this momentous day in which you are declaring your love for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’ll be with them, get to look them in the eye and know that no matter the obstacles you face, you love each other. So let the flaws fade away and just enjoy the day for what it is. Shit happens as they say but the really important stuff will be there for you no matter what. 

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